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High-speed Internet for $1/day.

Minimum 75Mbps. No contracts. No equipment


$20/month gets you 75mbps. Guaranteed. It's affordable high-speed WiFi for everyone.


An extra $10/month gets you access to 65M premium hotspots around the world and WiFi inflight.


Month to month plans. No contracts. First 30 day money back guarantee.


Create your Hoom login using your phone number and a password


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"Whether you want inflight + wifi access all around the world, or are just looking for 75mbps at home, we have you covered."


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"Simply click or tap the network and enter your Hoom login info (phone # and password.) "


"I like [Hoom] because it's super fast, super easy to connect, and I get internet when I travel"


San Jose

Not in range of a network?

We'll sponsor your wifi!

We'll get you set up with a 75Mbps network for $19.99/month.

You'll receive in-home wifi and be able to connect to any network around the world.

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