Earn with Hoom

Share your wifi and earn up to $75 or more per month. Get set up with your own router in 5 minutes or we'll send you an access point so you can start earning ASAP.


Why Share with Hoom?

It takes 5 minutes to start sharing your internet with your neighbors; 100% securely and anonymously. Have your internet bill paid for, every month, forever. Or just stash the crypto away.

Committed to your security 

All networks are completely isolated and IP addresses are masked, keeping your personal information safe and protecting you against liability.

Sharing in 3 steps
Order your access point

Fill out the form to order your access point. We'll send it directly to your door.

Find a plug

Plug your access point into your modem. That's it. Seriously.

Start earning

Whenever someone uses the wifi provided by the access point, you earn money.

"I was looking for a neighbor to share their wifi with me but couldn't find anyone so I just decided to share my own through Hoom. They lent me an access point so more people would be in range, and it was already set up with a separate network for sharing. All I had to do was plug it in"

- Nisha

Santa Clara


Is using Hoom a security risk?

  • Hoom creates a completely isolated network on your Access Point. Users will only have access to that network with their login info so your home network is as safe as it ever was.

Does sharing wifi make me liable for others actions?

  • All users’ actions are tied to their account when they access a #hoom.io network, so you won't be implicated for any misconduct. Furthermore Hoom is a registered DMCA agent so wifi hosts are protected under Safe Harbor.

Will sharing wifi slow down my network?

  • No. The Hoom access point has two different networks on it. One for your personal network which is isolated and protected by your password. And a #hoom.io network for you to share and monetize. The usage of the #hoom.io network will not affect the speed of your personal network.

Should I be concerned about my ISPs terms of service

  • The Terms of Service for some ISPs have sections that may prohibit users from sharing wifi. These Terms of Service are generally written very broadly and often purport to prohibit behaviors that many users engage in regularly—not just sharing wifi. If ISP ToS is a large concern, we can help set up your network in a way that absolves you of any possible ToS violations. Contact us to learn more.

Who can share wifi with Hoom?

  • Potential wifi hosts must have a wifi plan that provides at least 75mbps and must live in an apartment building where neighbors are in range of wifi. Wifi hosts must provide a screenshot of their wifi bill/plan (to confirm the billing address, plan details and owner of the account) as well as Credit Card information (if renting access point) for damage protection.